1. angelaan:

    I wanted to experiment with this one..There was a look.. a feeling that was in my head, but it came out way different from what I envisioned. Not sure that’s a good thing. Sometimes it is, because it can take you to exciting places, but sometimes it’s a frustrating feeling that you were unsuccessful in properly translating your vision on paper. Anyway, as frustrating as it was, it wasn’t a total loss. Maybe I’ll revisit it and try a different look.

    Kinda love it, actually, though sympathetic to the artist’s plight.

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  2. "You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."
    — Jack London (via itsquoted)


  5. sugarcookienebula:

    ~*UNICORNS*~ OvO

    I love the last one. That’s a unicorn on a mission right there.

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  6. birdandmoon:

    Do you like charts? Do you like nature? Here’s a semi-annual reminder that my online store is bursting with charts, tshirts and other nature-related items that I’m pretty proud of.

    She has the coolest stuff!

  7. archiemcphee:

    Ukrainian nature photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko shows us that snails are so much more than incredibly slow-moving mollusks who leave slimy trails and sometimes end up on people’s dinner plates. By looking at his photos we learn that snails appear to be curious, playful and even affectionate.

    Shot in the woodland area near his home town in Berdichev, located in the Zhytomyr Oblast of northern Ukraine, Mishchenko’s beautiful photos are apparently unstaged. Instead he relies on an extraordinarily keen eye for spotting wildlife:

    'As a child, my father taught me to hunt mushrooms near my home and we would always come across all manner of bugs and creatures,' he said. 'As I got older and my interest in photography grew, I decided I wanted to catch these magical scenes on camera.'

    Visit Vyacheslav Mishchenkos’ website to check out many more of his remarkable nature photos. The only thing missing from them is narration by Sir David Attenborough.

    [via 22 Words and Dailymail.co.uk]

    Ahhhhhhhhh I die now

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  8. mortisia:

    Lemony Snicket

    I’d put the odds at a good 40%, with most of the other 60% birding related.

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  9. icecooly94:



    I need feminism because “Who hired a stripper” shouldn’t be the first thing said to me when I walk into a welding job.

    women in trades are treated like such fucking shit. 


    I once watched a little old lady calmly using a reciprocating saw while a customer hovered over her going “You don’t know how to USE that, do you? Seriously? Doesn’t HE do all that?” (referring to a male employee.)

    To this day, I wish I’d stepped in and said…something…I don’t know what, I’m rarely clever on the spot, but if she’d taken his leg off and said “Whoops. Guess I don’t,” I would have testified before God that it was an accident and her arm slipped.

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  10. elasmosaurus:

    Mermaid and a toothy friend

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